Our Chickens

We have a rooster and a variety of hens here at Mulberry and they can regularly be seen enjoying freedom within our grounds. Our kitchen benefits also from a supply of lovely fresh eggs!

Even though the rooster is beautiful to look at, he can be rather noisy. The iconic image of a rooster crowing at the break of dawn does not happen in reality. He can, and will crow at any time of day. Crowing is part of the rooster’s territorial display so we have to be patient with him!

Chickens at Mulberry


Cockerels and roosters have been part of the English countryside for centuries, announcing the break of day, protecting the hens and ensuring the next generation. In the not so distant past, most poultry keepers, whether in a rural or urban area, kept a cock.

A cockerel is a young male bird under a year old. Once he has had his first adult moult, at around 18 months, he is known as a rooster or cock.  Always watching over his backyard chickens, a vigilant rooster may appear to never rest. He’ll scan the sky and landscape for potential predators, warning the hens when he senses danger.