Overall requirement

1.      To further develop the 22 acres of lawns and gardens in keeping with the Grade II Listed Georgian hotel.

2.      To manage other staff relating to the Grounds.

 Specific Requirements

1. To be responsible for all lawns and garden areas, woodland and hedgerows, ensuring the highest standards are maintained.

2. To produce an overall development plan to enhance the gardens to a higher level of care and beauty throughout the whole year. 

3. To ensure lakes, streams and ponds are maintained to the benefit of wildlife

4. To keep flower beds weed free.

5. To maintain the woodland area in line with conservation guidelines

6. Collect leaves and other debris from lawns.

7. Responsible for cultivating plants in greenhouses and maintaining greenhouses in good order.

8. Repair and maintain all mowers and equipment having particular regard for the efficient operation of all safety features on equipment.

9. Maintain accurate inventory of all equipment (tools etc.) necessary to facilitate your work.

10. Ensure all equipment is secured and alarmed (where possible) in a manner least likely to cause its disappearance.

11. To be available should access to the property be required by contractors.

12. Familiarise yourself with all COSHH safety guidelines with respect to all chemicals used, and ensure their safe storage.

13. To ensure that at all times in the discharge of responsibilities, the requirements of Health and Safety at Work are met.

All duties listed above are to be carried out under the direction the GM and owners, who may also require other duties not specified to be undertaken.

Please register your interest by submitting your CV and cover letter to  hr@mulberry-house.com

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